Bend Oregon Real Estate Statistics 2015 in Review


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Bend Oregon real estate statistics 2015 year in review

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Hi and welcome again to another edition of the Bend Real Estate Minute at I am Thom Gardner, Principal Broker and Pure Buyer’s Broker at Bend Brokers Realty.

So today, I’m going to do something a little bit different and give you an update on the year over year changes in Bend Oregon real estate statistics. I took the statistics for October through December of 2014 and 2015, and added them up and divided them and got an average figure for those three months, because generally our market is so small that one month isn’t going to tell you a whole lot, you need three months to make a trend. So that’s how I usually like to do it.

Here’s what we have. Bend Oregon real estate list prices: in 2014, the average was $507,000 during that period. And in 2015, it was $557,000. So we have an increase of 9% year over year. Now Bend Oregon real estate sales prices: the average in 2014 was $379,000. In 2015, it was $408,000. So you’re looking at a 7.1% increase year over year.

Last year, after such outsized gains the previous three years of 15% to 20% in Bend, I called for about 5- 10% and I’m feeling pretty good about where we ended up, right in the middle. That’s a healthy market. That’s not a pie in the sky, jumping through the roof market that you don’t want to see as a buyer. This is a healthy, sustainable real estate market right now.

Now we’ll look at price per foot for Bend Oregon real estate. In 2014, that three month average was $172 a foot. In 2015, it was $187 a foot. So we’re looking at an increase of 8.2%.

And now “days on market”, which tells you how fast things are selling and whether those other two numbers really hold water in terms of actual speed of sale in the Bend Oregon real estate market, which also in essence reflects the number of people looking at the homes. In 2014, we had 114 days to sell Bend Oregon homes and in 2015, we had 110. So they’re selling about three and a half percent faster in this period in 2015. Now, the skewed part of that number is we’re looking at the slowest part of the year. If we were looking at let’s say June through August, it would be probably half of that, maybe even less, maybe in the 40s or 50s of days to sell a Bend home.

I post Bend Oregon real estate statistics monthly on the site anywhere from the 12th to the 15thof the month for the previous month, depending on how quickly the MLS gets them to me. So please check back at or on my Facebook page (Thom Gardner-Bend Home Buyers Agency) for instant access to those statistics each month. I can also create custom Bend Oregon real estate statistics for you based on a very tight set of criteria that focuses on exactly what you are looking for.

Again, Thom Gardner, Principal Broker and Pure Buyer’s Broker at Bend Brokers Realty and this has been the Bend Real Estate Minute at Please email me at if I can help in any way. Thanks again!

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