Bend Oregon Maps

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Scroll down the page to view the Bend Oregon maps without clicking, or click on any Bend Oregon map to download / print PDF version.

Also check out my page with extensive lists of “top five” rankings of most of the fun things to do here in Bend- The Best of Bend Oregon!

Bend Oregon Maps for everything from detailed neighborhood views, to school placement, to yoga studios, coffee shops, pubs and dog parks. Our town of Bend, Oregon is always changing as it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and I am always adding more Bend Oregon maps to the page, so check back every once in a while and odds are there will be something new!

1- HUGE Bend Oregon map- Subdivisions

If you want a detailed look at streets and neighborhoods, this is the map for you, and be sure to read, watch, or listen to my video blog and podcast that talks about Bend Oregon Real Estate Buying Zones for more insight.  Keep in mind, Bend is growing rapidly, and you may see homes for sale on streets that have not been incorporated into maps yet- you won’t find them on Google Maps either, unfortunately.  Again, contact me if you are confused and need some help with such “phantom streets”.

2- Bend Oregon Maps- Neighborhoods

3 – Central Oregon Area Map

Bend is not the only city people move to here.  Check out Sunriver, Sisters, and Redmond Oregon too!

4 – Central Oregon Urban Trails Map

Trails are our bread and butter, and a large part of why I moved to Bend in 1990.

5 – Bend Oregon Visitor’s Map

6 – Bend / La Pine Map of Schools

Schools are being built every year to account for our rapid growth, so please email for current info.

7- Bend Oregon Urban Growth Boundary Changes Map- 2016

Shows the very few and small expanded areas of town that Bend is getting in the new UGB.

Bend Subdivisions Map

Bend Neighborhoods Map

Central Oregon Area Map

Bend Urban Trails Map

Bend Visitors Map

Bend Oregon real estate city map

Bend / La Pine Schools Map

Bend Oregon school district map

Bend Oregon Urban Growth Boundary Changes Map 2016

Bend Oregon city limits map