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Deschutes River at Sunriver, Oregon

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Sunriver Oregon real estate tends to be an entirely different animal than you will find in Bend, Redmond, or Sisters.  Sunriver is a vacation community, and as such, Sunriver Oregon real estate tends to die in the Winter, even though tourism is heavy around the holidays and Spring Break, and thrives in the Summer.  Sunriver homes will often stay on the market for hundreds of days, until May or June, when they will suddenly fly out the door as Sunriver home sales explode with the warm weather and the big tourist season.

Sunriver is a vacation community built around the Deschutes river.  It sits in the pines, and features a large swim center, known as SHARC, and a large mall at its heart.  There are many restaurants and shops to choose from, and a small grocery store as well.  A marina, a small airport, and 2 golf courses (inside the village, there are more outside the village) are the main offerings.  The village is criss crossed with bike paths, and strolling through the trees or biking here and there is a major source of entertainment.

Sunriver Oregon real estate varies WIDELY.  Many of the homes are very old, and as they have been vacation rentals for along time, they often have not been renovated since the 60’s-80’s.  These homes tend to run in the $250,000 to $400,000 range in 2016.  There are also many larger homes, often newer, which run far higher than that.  And the homes with hangars on the small private airport can run into the multiple millions of dollars, as can the homes along the river.

Rare is the home buyer that purchases the type of Sunriver Oregon real estate that one would live in full time.  The vast majority of Sunriver home buyers purchase real estate that they can use in Summer or during the ski season, as Sunriver is very close to Mt Bachelor, and, higher than Bend, stays white for much of the Winter season.  Then, they arrange for  a property management firm to rent their home to vacation renters when they are not using it, and in doing so they manage to pay much or all of their Sunriver mortgage payment through the rental process.  Or, they purchase a home strictly for the rental pool, and many make a nice profit.

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