Why hire a Bend Oregon Real Estate Buyer’s Agent?


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An explanation as to why a Bend Real Estate Buyer’s Agent is in your best interest.

One of the questions I often get from prospective clients is, “Why should I hire a Bend buyer’s agent instead of just a standard Bend Oregon real estate agent?”.

The answer is simple. When you want the best work done, you hire a specialist. This is true whether you are looking at medical work, auto mechanics, or website development. Most Bend Oregon real estate agents are jacks of all trades in our business. A jack of all trades is truly a master of none, right? Right.

But it goes further than that. A listing agent’s job is to paint a rosy picture of everything in their sphere of influence, to put the very best possible face on a home they are representing. This is indeed what you want in a Bend Oregon real estate agent if you are selling your home. Their job, and it used to be mine, is to paint homes in the very best possible light so as to insure a speedy sale. Often this can spill over into their relationships with Bend Oregon real estate buyers as well, and when one comes along they take off their listing agent hat. My buyers often tell me that they are not used to hearing honest assessments come out of a Bend real estate agent’s mouth, and they are always surprised that I tell them the negatives about individual homes and neighborhoods, rather than just pointing out the positives.

As a Bend Oregon real estate buyer’s agent my days are spent analyzing homes and the market with a critical eye for my clients. This is what I see as my job, instead of seeing it as a way to turnover homes and make quick money. I don’t spend any time with sellers trying to figure out how to paint lipstick on a pig, and so I don’t accidentally slip into that sort of chatter with buyers- my whole day, every day is spent on the buy side, digging up dirt, checking to be sure the information that the listing side is using to market a home is correct, and making sure that lipstick isn’t covering up a pair of pig lips. I don’t want anyone coming back to me and telling me after a sale that what I said was not true, or that I didn’t tell them about some obvious negative to a property, a neighborhood, or a locality, so I make sure that I do and that everything is up to a standard that I would accept myself.

One of the things I hear often from fellow Bend real estate agents when I am out shooting a video of a listing of theirs, and I tell them I am looking for flaws and issues, is “You don’t have to show those”, or “don’t you want to make a sale?”. Seriously, these are things I have heard, this year alone. Again, this is why you hire a specialist, a pure buyer’s agent, as we do not behave this way, simply as a part of our daily job focus.

So, a Bend Oregon real estate buyer’s agent protects the home buyer, at no cost to the buyer, from not only the emotional ugliness of real estate negotiations, which can of course be dramatic, but also from making bad decisions by listening to marketing rhetoric about how wonderful everything is, and that “this house is just perfect for you”. My job is to protect the Bend real estate buyer, and though I often lose sales by alerting my buyers to problems and issues (you can read my testimonials to see that what I say is quite true), what I gain is loyalty from that buyer, who quite often will only use me in the future, as the bar of trust has been raised by my representation.

I am a pure Bend Oregon real estate buyer’s agent. I am only a buyer’s agent. The only homes I ever list are my own or those of family members, that’s it. And those are of course very rare. If you are going in for surgery and the last thing you hear from your surgeon is “I’m really an anesthesiologist, but I moonlight in back surgery from time to time”, you’re going to be nervous, right?

As a Bend Oregon real estate buyer’s agent I make less money than most “jack of all trades” agents. So be it. But I regard myself as a highly honest person, and I sleep better this way, as there is never pressure on me from the people that matter (my clients) to be anything less than totally honest and completely forthcoming. End of story.

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