Bend Oregon Real Estate Buying Zones


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Bend Oregon Real Estate Buying Zones

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Hey, everybody! Thom Gardner again, I am here with the Bend Real Estate Minute and I’m with

Okay, I’m going to go over a little bit with the Bend Oregon map here with my little stick and I’ll be your schoolmarm today. I’ll show you a few of the differences in areas for those who may not know a lot about the areas of Bend Oregon, what you can expect to pay for real estate in each, and why.

There is this orange line around the map. That is the city limits- the urban growth boundary. I’m going to orient you real quick. Downtown, this is the Old Mill, that’s Awbrey Butte and that’s Pilot Butte. So, we break Bend Oregon real estate down into zones in my business. The northwest corner, the southwest, the southeast and the northeast. It’s pretty easy to figure out why.

So, the northwest corner is the most expensive part of Bend, Oregon. When tourists come to Bend, that’s generally what they see – the cute houses, the restaurants, the pubs. We have 26 breweries as of today. A few more tomorrow, no doubt. People like the northwest corner because they can walk or ride their bike to the river or the river trail, which will get you to downtown, and which will get you to the Old Mill without getting into your car. That’s a big deal here. People pay more for that.

Also, your Cascade mountain views are generally going to be on the northwest side of Bend, some in the southwest too.

In terms of Bend Oregon real estate values, you’re going to pay about $200 a foot at a minimum, and that’s a big fixer upper, to $350 and sometimes even $400 bucks a square foot. I wouldn’t recommend $400 at this time. Talk to me about that before you do it.

Same thing in the “real” Southwest of Bend- west of the river, a beautiful area. This is the road to Mt. Bachelor right here, all the mountain bike trails. We get a lot of professional mountain bikers, and they want to live right by the trails and that’s what they buy. Again, $250 to $350 a square foot.

This, some people call this the Southwest part too. It’s actually on the east side of the river. This is mostly newer homes in cookie-cutter subdivisions, very California-esque. Very popular because they all have stem trails to the river trails, which will then get you where you want to go without getting into your car.

There are a few older neighborhoods here on the edge of the southwest zone of Bend. Also, almost of the southeast features larger lots and older homes.

That’s where I live, right over here in the southeast part of Bend. Big pine trees, big lots, half-acre plus. The nice thing about that and the value for the future and why I buy there is that they’re not making any more big lots. They’re only making tiny, cookie-cutter lots all over town.

Land is very expensive in Bend. That’s why I like the older homes on large lots for my own Bend Oregon real estate investments- but you have to be comfortable with renovating.

So, that’s southeast Bend property. In the southeast you’re going to pay oh, anywhere from $175 to $225 a square foot depending on the age of the home and the amenities and the neighborhood.

Same thing in southwest Bend. I mean, it’s not really the “southwest”, but the east side of the southwest, everything east of the river. You’re going to pay anywhere from $175 to $225, maybe $250 a square foot.

Northeast Bend Oregon real estate is the cheapest. Why? It’s because it’s desert, there are few mature trees, very few pines, a few junipers, but they’re not very big. It’s more exposed, more wind, less snow (great if you’re not a snow lover). You’re going to pay anywhere from a $150 a square foot to just below $200 a square foot. Lots of cookie-cutter neighborhoods. A mix of newer cookie-cutter homes and also older 70s and 80s ranch stuff, the 90s a bit.

So, those are your basic differences in zonal Bend Oregon real estate values! On the east side, you’re paying less because you have to get in your car to go anywhere. The west side, you’re paying more because you can walk or ride your bike everywhere. You may get mountain views. You may even get river views if you’re paying at the very top end of the range.

Okay, Thom Gardner, this has been Bend Real Estate Minute. Thanks a lot!

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