Here are a couple of FREE ways to start:

#1 – Would you like to see inside a few Bend Oregon homes, but you aren’t in Bend?

Videos of Bend Oregon Homes


The vast majority of my clients live elsewhere, and can’t be here to see Bend Oregon homes in person. To solve this problem, I shoot HD videos of Bend Oregon Homes for them.  I post them to YouTube to view at their leisure, and replay as many times as they like.

This saves my Bend Real Estate clients save time and money.  There’s no need to jump into a car or plane each time an interesting home comes to market.  It also allows them to make quick decisions on very hot properties.  As soon as the client asks, I make an appointment and shoot the video.  Then I quickly process it and have it ready to view in about an hour.

My priority is to show you a Bend Oregon home’s flaws, as well as its good parts.  The listing broker will already have put the best parts in the listing photos, so it’s my job to show you the things they didn’t want you to see.

My clients have treasured this service over the years.  Their reviews show they find them not only informative, but very entertaining as well. If this approach might help you, just let me know, and I’ll get into some Bend Oregon homes for you!

Here’s a brief sample video to show how I operate (address withheld to protect homeowner’s privacy).

#2 – Let Me Create Your Own Real Time Portal on the Bend MLS System!

Here’s how it works. You send me your criteria for Bend Oregon homes…

square footage range, price range, beds and baths, garage size, area of town if you know where you’d like to be, town name if different from Bend, acreage size range, neighborhoods, home age, and anything else you can think of. We can keep the criteria very loose if you are new to our area and need to research what you do and don’t like here a bit before honing in, or if you are further along in your knowledge of Bend Real Estate we can hone in right away and make the criteria very tight. Often people come to me with Bend Oregon Home listings they found on Trulia and Zillow, which are not real time, and are often long since sold as agents often do not go back and remove their listings (it’s free advertising if they leave them up, of course). Your own Bend MLS portal will be truly real time, as agents make changes you will see them the same day. Price changes, status changes, and so on will all update in your portal and you will get a link that there has been a change.

It’s the best way to REALLY stay on top of Bend Oregon Homes, without wasting time on consumer sites that very often have erroneous information.