Bend Oregon Real Estate Buyer’s Agent, Thom Gardner

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I’m Thom Gardner, the most experienced Bend Oregon real estate buyer’s agent.  I’m a 33 year resident of Bend, Oregon, and the father of a 21 year old daughter who was born in Bend. I’ve written several novels, am a rabid traveler, adventurer, and local recreational junkie. My family owned Bend Oregon real estate brokerage has been in business since 2002.  That family focus allows me to think and speak independently. That’s hard to do in a corporate brokerage, where one is often required to tow an official line.

After graduating from the University or Oregon, I raised my family here.  I’ve explored about every kind of Bend-style recreation to be had. We love to attend the concerts and events we have in Bend all Summer long. Floating the river, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, wakeboarding and water skiing, dirt biking, mountaineering, camping in our Airstream in the Oregon Outback, and swimming in Cascade Lakes are my passions.

I love both the Cascades, as well as the wide open spaces in our Oregon Outback. Ask me about any of them.  I love to chat about our great little spot in the World.

In Winter we often travel, mostly to warm beach locales in Mexico, Central America, and South America.  We relish cultural experiences, recreational adventures, and a chance to put back on shorts and flip flops! Currently I am building a home in Costa Rica.  Feel free to ask me about that experience. It’s extremely different, and extremely difficult.

Buyers Only- For A Reason

It’s true, I do only represent Bend home buyers.  But my listing broker, Shanda Kenyon, works to preserve the integrity of the purchase and sale process for my previous buyers and her own clients. I don’t chase listings, I can’t be hired to sell a home, and I stay focused on the buy side of the equation.

My specialty as a buyer’s agent in Bend Oregon real estate allows me to tell the unvarnished truth. I often win the trust of my clients when I tell them NOT to buy a property I believe is a bad deal. Independence works for YOU.

The needs of the Bend Oregon home buyer are my sole focus as your Bend Oregon real estate agent.  Since 2009, I’ve worked with only Bend home buyers.  I’ve lived in the area since 1990.  I know neighborhoods, areas of town, and Bend itself better than most Bend real estate agents, many of whom moved here very recently.

My job is not only to provide you local expertise that will help you find your home.  My goal is to put you in a position that bodes well for future resale and possible appreciation.

When I see you out in town five years down the road, I want you to be happy to see me. And, I believe you will be!  Let me help you, as your experienced Bend real estate buying expert.

Reach me at, or 541.480.7554