Making Offers on Bend Oregon Real Estate


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Making offers on Bend Oregon real estate or Bend homes

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Hey everybody, Thom Gardner again, principal broker and pure buyer’s broker at which is part of Bend Brokers Realty.
So I’m going to tell you a little bit today about making an offer on Bend Oregon real estate or Bend homes. Again, most of my clients are from places different than Bend, far away. So often, we’re making offers on Bend real estate with them in a remote location and me here on the ground in Bend, making sure everything happens.
Obviously we need the offer itself. First we have to identify Bend Oregon homes or Bend Real Estate you may want to offer on. Then we have to be sure to pick the right Bend Oregon property for you. I have other videos and resources on my site which tell you how I help you do this from afar, including using a Bend Oregon MLS portal, and having me run professional videos for you on the ones that really pique your interest. So, first, we need the offer itself.
The next thing we need is earnest money. I generally recommend 1%. So let’s say you are making offers on Bend Oregon real estate in the $500,000 range. You will write a check for approximately $5000 and away we go. Now, that money stays in my desk for three business days after we get a deal. At the end of that third business day, I have to submit it to escrow and it will be cashed. So it needs to be liquid at that point.
But your money does not go to anybody else, we send ONLY a copy of the check when making offers on Bend Oregon real estate, until we get a deal. And again, then I wait the statutory period of three business days, just to protect you in case for some reason you get cold feet and you want that money back right away. It’s easier to get it back when it hasn’t gone into escrow yet.
Now, the last thing we need is proof of funds if you’re paying cash. This can be a bank statement with the number redacted, something of that sort, or even a copy of your bank statement off of the internet, again with your account numbers redacted.
Or in the case of a loan, we need a pre-qualification letter from a lender. And if you decide to go that route, you just put them in touch with me. I tell them what we need, the address of the property, the price we’re offering. And then we go.  I like to only have the price we are offering on Bend Oregon homes in the letter, so that the other side doesn’t think you have deeper pockets.
It’s a pretty simple process. Those are the three pieces we need- The Offer, The Earnest Money, and The Proof of Funds or a Pre-Qualification Letter.  And then the REAL fun begins!

Again, Thom Gardner, Bend Brokers Realty, and that’s the process of making offers on Bend Oregon real estate or Bend homes. I’m here with the Bend Real Estate Minute for Take care.

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