About Sisters

Sisters, Oregon

Ahh, Sisters. Adored by tourists, railed at by motorists who happen to pass through during one of its many festivals or the big Rodeo, it is an enigma in Central Oregon. Many celebrities live here, including NFL Quarterback Dan Fouts, as there are ample opportunities for privacy on the large acreage, rural real estate scattered throughout the Ponderosa Pines the area is famous for. There is even a little airport community, where you can taxi your own plane right down the street to your own hangar. Sisters is all about shopping and tourists, and is situated on Highway 20, along which you will find shop after shop of Western items and crafts. People love to go there from Bend just to stroll and shop, or stroll and eat. Its biggest tourist bringing events are the Sisters Quilt festival, and the massive Sisters Rodeo, which practically shuts down the highway for 3 days in July.

Sisters real estate has survived the downturn in housing with less impact than in other Bend area real estate markets, and home sales have barely dropped and in some cases have increased. Real estate here tends to be among the most expensive in the county, but gets a little cheaper if you get out of the trees and towards the more desert areas towards Redmond or Bend. The town has a very Western Americana sort of feel, which it has honed over time for the tourist crowd. Many folks think it is higher than Bend, as it gets more snow and has more trees, but it actually is only about 3200 feet, 400 feet lower than Bend. The weather and tree difference is just due to it being closer to the mountains. And close it is, as one of the most scenic highways in the world, the Mckenzie highway, takes off from town and heads through some of the most amazing volcanic landscapes anywhere. Numerous hiking trails, high lakes, camping, and climbing opportunities such as Mount Washington and Three Fingered Jack are very close. It is a gateway to the Three Sisters Wilderness, and the Pacific Crest Trail. The highway often does not open until late June or even the fourth of July, but should not be missed.

Of course, horses are a big part of life in Sisters, and ranch real estate abounds. If you are not into Western Americana, it’s probably not your town. In Sisters you will find vacation homes and second homes galore, as it is tough to make a living in town without your own tourist based business. Sisters Oregon Realtors are few, and most buyers use a Bend real estate agent to handle their purchase, as this way they are not limited to using someone who only deals in the small market there, but has a broad spectrum of knowledge of similar bare lots, homes, acreages, and properties in other Central Oregon real estate markets that might favorably compare. Population is currently around 1700 people.