Standing up for Bend Home Buyers is my own little corner of Bend Brokers Realty, a family brokerage which consists only of myself, my mother Linda Gardner, and my father Thomas Gardner.

While they continue to list Bend homes, I realized in 2009 that I was unhappy working on the listing side.  I knew that buyers in the recession needed someone who specialized only in buying Bend Oregon homes, not in chasing listings and running a business based on the marketing concept that everything is always rosy.  Listing agents are encouraged to paste on a smile and keep it there, no matter what.  Everything was not always rosy at that time, of course.  However, many of my competitors, trained to market their listings like they were all shiny diamonds, continued to tell their Bend home buyers that the real estate market was just in a brief dip, and would return to its former high flying status at any moment.  Meanwhile, they knew the truth, that many of the homes their clients were selling were not appreciating, but very rapidly depreciating.

I couldn’t go on telling that lie, and in 2009 I decided I’d had enough of listing Bend Oregon homes, and that if I wanted to sleep at night and feel good about myself, I’d have to go it alone as a Pure Buyer’s Agent.  And once I did, everything changed.  I began to enjoy my work again, and best of all, I received tremendous gratitude from my clients, who finally had someone who saw the Bend real estate market without rosy glasses, and who truly was on their side.  Word of mouth spread my business, and as you can see from my testimonials page, HERE , my clients were very happy to tell their friends.

My business continues now the same way.  You will never hear me tell you nothing but positives about Bend Oregon homes, in fact, many of my clients tell me I won their trust when I talked them out of buying a Bend home by pointing out the negatives.  My worst nightmare would be to have a client make a bad purchase because I held something back, and so I make it a point and a practice to tell my clients everything, the good and the bad, about Bend Oregon homes, about Bend Oregon itself, and about various neighborhoods and niches throughout out area.

I promise you absolute truth, absolute loyalty, and zero B.S.  My goal is simple, to be the Bend  Oregon Buyer’s real estate agent that you would wish to find.

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