Bend Oregon Home prices :

December 2019

Bend’s West Side vs Northeast Side vs South side

Want to know how much location affects price?  Well, you’ve seen my “All Bend Oregon” real estate statistics page, HERE?  Now I’ve decided to break it down for you, as Bend Oregon’s West side and East side are VERY different animals.  Below you will find this month’s Bend Oregon home prices for three zip codes- 97703 (The famed Northwest side of Bend), 97702 (South Bend, encompassing a bit of the Southwest and a lot of the Southeast), and 97701 (primarily Northeast Bend).


Bend Oregon home prices West Side , 97703 zip code

This is the Northwest corner of Bend, home to many of the things Bend is famous for, the river, the pubs, the restaurants, the parks, the trails, and of course, the access to Mount Bachelor:

3 bed, 2 bath minimum

1500 square feet minimum to 3600 square feet

residential single family Bend Oregon homes


Bend Oregon home prices South Side– 97702 zip code

This is mostly the Southeast side of Bend, and the area of large tract home developments off of Brookswood dr, though it does also encompass some real “classic” Southwest Bend Oregon neighborhoods, like Broken Top, Skyliner Summit, and the Parks.  It ALSO includes Deschutes River Woods, an area of 12,000 people just outside the city limits, that features larger lots and more trees, fewer rules, some legacy mobile homes as well as new builds, and a less “homogenous” look.

3 bedroom, 2 bath minimum

single family

1500 square feet to 3600 square feet


Northeast Bend Oregon home prices- 97701 zip code

The northeast is the least expensive area in Bend Oregon real estate.  This is where your money goes the furthest, but you won’t be walking or riding your bike to the West side goodies (unless you are really hardy!).  This area features more tract homes and new homes, but also apartment complexes and duplexes.

3 bed 2 bath minimum

1500 square feet to 3600 square feet

residential single family homes